Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My lovable Prince - Surya Prakasham

Our dynasty comprises of a lovable King ( Sathasivam .K .E), a very affectionate Queen (Gomathi Sathasivam), a little Princess (Me??!!) and a very little Prince (Surya prakasham Sathasivam).

My brother,  Surya Prakasham is doing his 9th std in SSVMHSS, Sivagiri. As all the sisters are saying, " I love my brother ", but I want to say that "I really admired about my brother". I found a good agriculturist, an innovator, a care-taker, a good designer, an excellent interior decorator, hardworker and even a good administrator in him.

Moreover, he is a responsible son to my parents, especially to my mom, a care-taking brother to myself.
Everyday, I used to recollect the lovely moments that we spend together. We used to explore our dreams during frequent powercuts. Laying in a cot, we count the stars, paint the skies, fly through the clouds and build our dream house in the moon.

We started dreaming when Surya wished to buy a cycle to go school, when he stepped into I (First) standard. Our world is extending now with our dream home, Replacing our dad's Honda with Shine, Our mom's XL with Activa and Surya's cycle with a Pulsar or Apache or FZ. Our car dreams began with Zen, grown with Alto, burst out into a Black Swift and ended up with a BMW. At every phase of our dream home, I recognized him as a good Engineer, an excellent future Architect, a good interior decorator and a good economist too.

He has his own garden with colorful flowers, roses, sometimes Paddy, Jute, Cucumber and Water melon. He has his own Tractor and a Bull dozer, that were purchased in our hometown's car festival and re-modelled and re-painted by him. He spoilt many of my poster colors too. :)

When I am working at Iovite, It took 7.30 PM to reach home. He used to welcome me with yummy paniarams, crispy dosas with chocolaty Boost or a hot Bru coffee. His care in applying relief balms for my frequent head-aches and shoulder pains are worthless.

He is the good commentator for me. He suggests me some dresses, "This will suit you more than that, akka". And for ornaments too. He points out the advertisements and the catalogues of famous jewellers and assured me, "I ll definetly buy this for you, and this one for mom".

When I burst out crying over phone to mom during my hostel days (still continuing :( ), He will advise me, " Why are you crying, ka? What happenned, Mom too started crying, Are you a Kid?? Stop crying over phone and try to be matured". He too add this to mom, "Ma, Its better to find a groom in our locality itself, See how kid she is?". Sometimes, he ll be my elder brother too.

He designed his own assembled car, an idea for seed cultivator, harvestor, a solar panel type electricity system, emergency table lamps and so on. Everytime, he surprise my birthdays by giving his own made birthday cards, a wallet designed by him or some funny toys made out of cotton sponges. He play a hide and seek game in giving the gifts for me by collecting the sequence of keynotests from several places.

There is a photo frame in our kitchen, with me & Surya's photo taken during the ages 7 and 1 respectively. But, everytime when I go home and found that the photo was replaced with any of my recent photographs. When I asked the reason, Mom told, "Its your brother's desire. As you are not with us, he wants to keep your photo in the frame". I really melted. I am very happy to have such a brother.

Have you ever heard of a weeping sister after her Just-A-Minute talk about her brother? Yes, She is speaking infront of you, through this blog. I still considers him as my cute little brother. But he is a boy and now becoming half-a-man now. I realized thar, when one of my brothers suggested him to wear Formals during my cousin brother's marriage, an year ago.

I am still enjoying in feeding food for him, combing his hair, smoothing his hair for nice sleep, fighting with him for chocolates, robbing his pens, pensils and sketch pens, argueing for his dress collections, competeting him in eating chapathis and poori's (but usually he wins :) ), presenting him surprise gifts, beating him for guavas and mangoes, making special dishes only for him, assisting him in his assignments, polishing shoes, funny black-mailings so and so..

I have been maintaining his childhood feeding bottle, his school almanac's, his ID cards, his promotion cards, his drawing note, his letters to me when I am in UG and they are my priceless treasures. My heartfelt words to say about my brother , "Treasure of all my Treasures".

I want him to become an IAS/IPS officer. This is one of my compliments dedicated for his 15th birthday on 18th August. May all the force, joy, fun and success be with you, my dear Surya!!!

Yours Everloving Sister,

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