Monday, September 19, 2011

How creative are you?

                                                     "Creativity know no boundaries"

In the similar wat, It is most comman to say that "Life is boundless". Have you ever examined or asked yourself, 'How creative I am?'. You may ask, 'Creative? Should am I or How Should I?' Creativity may deals with color or art of thinking or arts and crafts. But, Creativity in life?

Very Creative persons are found as movie makers, apparel designers, interior decors or even a florist in the pavement. Basically, everyone is blessed with the same skills by origin. I object to agree with anyone, 'A born genius'. Geniuses are made, sculptured and mentored. And so comes the great creative activists. Just kindle up the heros/heroines within you. Allow your creative hero to think and act independently. Decor your table with your own quotes, re-arrange them often. My study desk says,'All good things have to become a habit' and 'Silly things matters a lot'.
My Room

Replace conventional styles of greetings. Keep the thing, 'If you are different, You ll get noticed'. Rather to wish 'Happy Birthday', why dont you try, 'May all the force be with you' or atleast a 'Sparkling and Colorful birthday!'.
Design your own T-shirts. I really admired at a guy's T-shirt said, 'She got her looks from her father, He is a plastic surgeon':)
Change your desktop and mobile wall papers and make sure that they must have a special touch made by you.
My Desktop Wallpaper

Surprise your spouse and children by giving them a single flower and wish them a great day ahead.
Gift your friends with a personalized gifts, A calendar with lovely moments, A printed mug or t-shirt or even a single card made by you.
I got such an wonderful gift from my dearest one, Yuvarani Tamilarasan. She collected all the memorable days that made us to come closer and decorate each day with my photo and her own lyric on our friendship. Its not just a booklet, but my treasure of treasures.My new year presentations for my friends, Prabha Selvaraj and Yuvarani Tamilarasan.
A page from Yuva's Gift

Be very informal and lovely with the conversation with your friends. Atleast during texting or mailings.
One of my friend's mails are breath-taking, He  used to ask me,'How is your village green angels, hostel birds and how are the dew drops in your window?
Make your own foto frame to capture and potrait the wonderful moments.

All of these, kids are the treasures in creative aspects. Watch at them, play with them and earn from them too.
Search for colorful pencils, even pens and erasers and touch them with your creativity.

Teach your child to prepare name boards for them. Make them to feel like a grown up one. Explore them to the new world. Make them to choose their own dresses and things. Inculcate them to maintain a minature garden, a lab, an art gallery with their scribbles.

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