Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life lessons through my camera - Part I

4 years back, It was my dream to view the things around me, viz., the budding roses, settled butterflies, flowing water, waving coconut trees, screaming buffaloes, naughty kids, wrinkles of grandma's.. with camera lenses. I really wondered on several clicks, how a single flash at a microsecond can tell beautiful stories, colorful memories and sometimes life lessons too!

Ofcourse, Photography doesn't mean capturing the beauty of nature or elsewhere, it also hopes for some themes, poetic lyrics, flowery phrases and more often, the life lessons too. For the past 1.5 yrs, photography is getting more familiar with me. Thank you, Gnans Sathish! The cocktail collections of yours is my source of inspiration. Here are some of the life lessons I focused through my camera, Panasonic Lumix.

'How much you earn doesn't decide how much you smile'

#'Roll ur eye balls, nature shows u, how beautiful the world around us is..' 

# 'U r being photographed in my eyes, so say CHEEESEEE... :) ' 

#'When u look the world from window, life resembles greenish.. Open ur doors, only if, u can view its true colors..'

Hoping to bring something good at the next time.. :)

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