Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Proud to be a Vellalarian!!

"Vellalar College for Women", My college. Life is like an onion. We can peel off an onion into layers, but we couldn't found anything. The resultant what we get is nothing but tears. Memories are the reason behind these tears. Its definitely not the peppery moments but the loveliest, happiest and evergreen moments.
Yes, Ofcourse, this is the reason for my tears. Memories!!! Am looking forward for 23rd November, 2011. Its my graduation day. I am a B.Sc., graduate of VCW. I am going to breathe the memories with my friends. I am going to live 9 hours in the heaven where I learned what life is, how to compete, the spirit of success, how to be distinct, how to be a leader, how to be a good leader, how to be a good companion, a professional, a good daughter to my parents and a good student too.

Its my auditorium! Where I faced my first interview, where I delivered my first speech, where I anchored to the gathering, where my talents are focused, where the stage decoration was given under my responsibility, where I was crowned as the Vice-President of the college union, where I take the office bearer oath, where I lit the kuthuvilaku inaugurating our student union, hosted the guests, applauding the co-participants..... 

Its my Classroom! Our first day introductions, impositions, punishments, ODs, friendshipday and newyear celebrations, birthday treats, fun seminars, bloody CIAs, blackboard decorations, being the class representative, the serious and comedy galattas, the strike, class photographs, sari day, set chudi's, food day, secret friend game.. We explored the extra-ordinary fun here.

Its my staffs! We begged them even for a single mark, we smiled before them shamelessly when we comitted any mistake, shared comments with them, postponed assignment submissions, tests, loved to hear complaint list at the parent's day, realized future by their advice's, succeeded following their suggestions... Salute them all!!! 
U07CS096 - Present mam!!

Its my hostel!! Angel's dwellings! My very first hostel life. Our warden mam, Mrs.Jayammal. We enjoyed a grandma's care, grandpa's advice, mom's warmth and dad's love under her protection. And our hostel rooms, Evening dress washers club, The right gals, Smiling Princesses - Its all our gang. Seperate e-mail IDs, distinct slogans, different policies.. FUN=VCW!! New year celebrations, month end movies, RC novels, cards, sleepings, the tiny snacks list, outgoing slips, fun name for menu's, My Mahe (A) Maheshwari, Guha (A) Guha Rama Sharmila and our evergreen friendships, rollcall galattas, silly fights... Owing to rollback to the same life!!

Its my Library! It paves me the way to earn my first penny. I did part-time job here. I enjoyed the dust, lived with barcodes, enjoyed the book fragrance and touched most of all the books, arranged them, sealed them and entried them. Moreover, about 300 books will contain their description in my handwriting. I kissed several books, I missed several books, I loved several books and I lived with them every second, even during my study holidays. I am very grateful to our library in-charges, Mr.Eswaran sir and Mrs. Chitra vadivu mam.

Its my friends! No words to say about them. Hug u all dears! Never want to miss you, my sweet idiots!! Awaiting to see you all with the autographed memories remains in our heart.

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