Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Have you Googled today?

Questions are guaranteed in life; answers aren't. But, are you sure about all your questions will have answers? ofcourse, Google will assist you in finding perfect answers for all your queries.

The keyfactor behind our life is 'Searching'.However, the purpose may vary between knowledge, happiness to money. Remember our childhood days, we searched for our grandma's mouth-watering, healthy and variety of spicy recipes, our grandpa's antique collection of coins and books, our mom's perfect selection of dresses and our dad's watches and his mannerisms.

But, think for a while. We can get all these enjoyments at a single click now-a-days. Video demo whatever recipes we want, wide range of entertainment through animation videos, scattered online boutique stores at our desk, experts to guide you, suggestions from unknown persons to uplift better in placements, carrier, job and even in marriages. The spice of life is missing here. Have you ever felt the difference? 

Ask our grandmas, she will give us the best recipe along with the short story description of that recipe, which 
may be our grandpa's favourite dish, at once. Several interesting stories may come out of the bag about our father's or our aunt's mischievousness. This level of joyness and excitement can't be guaranteed through colorful pictographs or the stylish name of the dishes.

Ask our grandpas, about his antique collection of coins, which may be his first earned penny. A very long description of the jobs he did, the hurdles in digging wells, the pleasure of tasting the fresh water from that well, the dare stories of facing dangerous animals at the night time, strict face of our great grandfathers, their very different life styles, foods, their enjoyments, their play things.. so and so. Their collection of books right from their school hood, shells, sandalwoods, the hanging lunch boxes, the pleasure and pride of describing their own world... Everglowing moments from evergreen memories! It cant be estimated via hall of fames..

Ask our mom, about her desires in suiting us. Till now, only my mom's selection suits me at the best. My mom's art of selecting dresses for me is very interesting. She never believed anyone's suggestions, even the salesgirls, my cousins and even mine to.Each and every collection in my wardrobe will definitely carries any of the interesting stories.. crispy arguments, silly angers.. but they are specially wrapped with my mom's love and pleasure in selecting the perfect match for me. Google may give results, but the best selection can't be estimated by the page ranking algorithm, but from the loved ones, who really care for us.

Ask our dad, how to be a good leader, how to project ourselves best in the society, the decision making ability, efficient supply chain management, problem solving, learn a lot from the unique traits of him. His answers doesn't resemble like the fact, but its really the magic, that will definitely make a difference in ourselves. Have you ever felt this with Google's results? It seems to be that, internet is bringing the whole world at our feet. But, the real fact is, we are becoming a slave. Its very apt to say that Google makes us very lethargic, the very nearest form of intoxication. Lets get out of it. Fire your questions at your fellow beings, not 
at Google everytime.

Note: Thank you Google, for bringing out the perfect pictures for this context. :-)

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